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Boat Renting and

Boat renting in Sabaudia ( for information and bookings please contact the Guest Service at +39 07735191)
The boat is a 10 metres long MAR.co model “e-motion32”. Its strong points are maneuverability, speed and comfort: considered a very prestigious boat, nimble and powerfull , it’s perfect for daily trips around the Pontine Islands as well as for even further destinations. Each space and feature will be at you complete disposition to allow you to live a comfortable full emotion experience. Featuring a double sleeper cabin- with a toilet- it offers functionality and comfort to guide you in complete safety through you daily or many days experience.

Noleggio barche a Sabaudia

Drop in and off point will always be at San Felice Circeo’s port. For further information please contact the Guest Service at +39 07735191.

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Outdoor Experiences

The Circeo promontory and the heterogeneous archipelago are a vital part of the namesake National Park. The Pontine Islands are 40 km far from the coasts of Sabaudia and “San Felice del Circeo”; the brown “Ventotene” with volcanic beaches; the colorful Ponza with turquoise crystal-clear waters and its beautiful Mediterranean village; the wild Zannone and Palmarola with its green landscape.

Picture yourselves during a beautiful boat trip admiring the Circeo Promontory, which is named after “Maga Circe” the legendary goddess from Homer’s Odyssey. A place also famous for its magical and colored coves and caves and crystal-clear waters, a perfect spot for divers, and the best place for you to observe and admire both the profile and the picturesque lighthouse in Punta Rossa that will turn your boat trip in an unforgettable getaway.

The main island of the Pontine archipelago. If you wish to visit the pristine and indented coast there is no other option than borrow a boat and explore the beautiful and wild coves and caves.

Mainly uninhabited, the few houses are carved into the rock by local inhabitants as a shelter for fishing

It is also the nearest island to the coast which is still almost completely in pristine conditions so much so that it is not possible neither to stay overnight nor camping is allowed.

Max number of people 8
Fuel supplied not included
Duration (Half day or Full day excursion)
Insurance included

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