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The “Oasi di Kufra” convention center is a location suitable for congresses, conferences, both national and international. All rooms are equipped with the latest technology devices; the Kufra room has a control room and 3 maxi rear-illuminating screens, it is specific for great spectacular events. The Geranium room, on the other hand, can host events that need more flexibility and / or more privacy, in fact depending on the modules (small or large) it is able to accommodate from 10 to 50 people. The Kufra Room was completely renovated in 2013 and equipped with the latest modern audio/video systems, 3 latest generation projectors, 3 large screens, microphones, PCs, speaker table and multimedia podium. The location, the result well experienced architect Daniela Colli, is pure expression of modernity and taste, enriched by the Re_plain.

The color used creates a game of light and shadows that suits perfectly with the nature of the project. The beauty and adaptability of the Re_plain collection meets the refinement of the structure, in a combination of ceramics and design that contributes to further enhancing the environment.

Centro congressi
Geranium Room (Large)
Geranium ROOM (Small)
oasi di kufra

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