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Sabaudia is located between the wonderful sea of the Tyrrhenian coast and the Mediterranean vegetation of the Circeo National Park. A few kilometers from Terracina, Sperlonga, Norma and Cori with their Roman ruins and suggestive views. Sermoneta, Priverno and Gaeta with their medieval, Romanesque and Gothic architecture.

Including the Pontine Islands where the sea, history and food mix with the flavors and colors of the Mediterranean scrub and traditional local cuisine and the Oasis of Nymph, a charming and deserted town, known all over the world for its wonderful garden.

Wedding Destination

Your wedding day will become a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to transform the magical places of Sabaudia into indelible and evocative memories, unforgettable in your life, for you and your guests. Some historical sources link the promontory of Circeo to the adventures of Aenea narrated in Homer’s Odyssey. Legend has it that Ulysses arrived on this coast and met the sorceress Circe.

Hotel makes it easier

Organizing a wedding at the hotel is easier thanks to several services provided and to the culture of hospitality that resides in the staff at “Oasi di Kufra”.

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