Located on the long stretch of white beach of Sabaudia, just a few minutes from the Circeo National Park, OASI di KUFRA – SPORT HOTEL & WELLNESS offers its guests two excellent facilities. Oasi of Kufra – Sea, consisting of 115 rooms of different types, umbrellas and sunbeds, restaurants and terraces that overlook the sea and offer seafood specialties or aperitifs to be tasted at any time of the day. And Oasi di Kufra – Lake, a luxury hotel with 35 rooms dedicated to those who love to play sports or enjoy exclusive moments of relaxation, overlooking the lake and rooms with a modern and refined design.

The Kufra Caves indoor wellness center with adjoining gym, beauty center and hairdresser is also available to guests.


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Discover OASI DI KUFRA and live an unforgettable experience in an enchanted place

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oasi di kufra


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Discover OASIS of KUFRA and live an unforgettable experience in an enchanted place


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Oasi di Kufra - Sea Refined environment Elegance and hospitality characterize the modern style of the Oasis of Kufra; located directly on the sea, the structure is embraced by the beautiful Lake Paola and by the dunes of the Circeo National Park enjoying a mild climate all year round. The architectural games, the white color and the presence of gold absorb the light of the sea offering a relaxing atmosphere by day and suggestive by night circeo and surroundings Discovering Sabaudia Sabaudia has many famous attractions, starting from the rationalist architecture that distinguishes it, as well as the strategic position of the Agro Pontino, extending over the Tyrrhenian Sea and on the shores of Lake Paola, to end with that worldliness that for a long time now gives it the name of VIP town. Around Sabaudia stretches the Circeo National Park where you will find the most beautiful lakes, spectacular trails in the forest, Roman remains of villas and ancient necropolis. unforgettable view Unique panorama A timeless frame beyond any space... Private beach of soft white sand, dunes untouched between the Mediterranean scrub with the suggestive profile of the Circeo mountain in the background: this is the suggestive atmosphere of which you can enjoy in our OASIS from the first light of dawn until sunset. Oasi di Kufra - Lake A peaceful corner on the shore of the lake Oasi di Kufra - Lake is the brand new lakefront structure designed for sports enthusiasts. Thirty-five rooms overlooking the relaxing stretch of water of Lake Paola, immersed in the silence of nature. Here, you will find the perfect balance between the relaxation of luxury, elegant and refined rooms, and the escape activities made available by this exclusive Sport & Wellness center in Sabaudia. Kufra Oasis - Lake offers guests the fun of activities without forgetting the excellent service you deserve. Let yourself be attracted by the charm of the water with rowing, electric surfboards and SUP on the lake, or spend a few hours in one of the padel courts available to guests.

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Meetings and conferences, both national and international. Flexible and modular rooms according to the number of participants. Ultra modern spaces with light and color games. Latest generation technologies rooms, with a control room and rear-lit large screens.

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oasi di kufra


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